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Engagement qualität, sicherheit und umwelt


We wish to place STOPCIRCUIT as leader of electrical protection solutions and interface solutions with a high added value for our customers in our niche markets, railway, nuclear, energy and military.

We wish to be performant on small and medium quantities with specific adapted products in order to make sure that our services are up to the expectations of our customers and their demands.

Confronted with the evolution of the markets and the complexity of the international economic context, we continue to evolve ! Our priority is and must remain CUSTOMER SASTIFACTION by the quality of our products and services from the first contact to the use of the products that we provide.

We must invest in innovation and in risk anticipation making sure that our industrial choices are safe. Stopcircuit wants and must rely on development of new products to offer innovative solutions with high added value to our customers.  Innovation and the developments are also deployed through modernization of our industrial tool.

Safety, is one of our major preoccupations internally for our employees as well as for our customers and their customers. We supply products using equipment where the safety of all is at stake.

The environment is a priority. We must make it an integral part in our processes by pollution prevention and apply it daily by reducing waste and our energy consumption simultaneously respecting other demands

Our values are summarized in 3 letters: PCR, Positive, Creative, and Reactive. We unite our teams to follow this change and continue in our modernization.