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MAFELEC, specialist to the Man / Machines interfaces


MAFELEC, specialist to the Man / Machines interfaces dedicated to Railway applications, delivers high degree reliable solutions corresponding to French, European and International Standards.

This expertise goes from the traditional wired or electronic driver desk on buses to the switches, displays, alarm handles and the various systems of signalling: on-board or fixed Tails / Markers.

The operator and the manufacturers, distributed on 5 continents (such as SBB, SNCF, DB, MTLR, RATP, NYCT,..) appreciate particulary the capacity of Mafelec to cover complete projects such as Regio2N, Regiolis, Thameslink, ICxx, FV Dosto, COCO Locomotives, Khasakstan Locomotives, the subways of Paris, montréal, Valencia, Istanbul, Mexico, New York,…)

This diversity allows MAFELEC of position of leader of innovation in the railway equipment sector.