Energy production

Energy production

40 years of safety in the nuclear industry

Present for more than 40 years in control rooms and in electrical cabinets and boxes of power plants, our control switches, TPL switches, push buttons, indicators and signaling boxes ensure the piloting and control of electrical production installations in complete safety.

Our products are used in many control rooms of nuclear power plants worldwide.

Wide range of control and supervision for electrical control

Our wide range of products allows us to reliably ensure numerous functions for the control of installations such as the control of valves, pumps, measuring equipment, or supervision with our solutions of indicator lights or alarm boxes. Our solutions of specific qualified circuit breakers also ensure the electrical protection of equipment.

Known for their robustness, our products ensure the durability of installations and meet the strictest customer requirements:

  • Customer qualification according to the RCC-E standard
  • Product qualification according to IEEE 323-344 standards
  • Factory and product qualification by the largest operators (EDF-ELECTRABEL-KHNP…)

The key figure :

Thousands of products installed in more than 50 nuclear power plant control rooms around the world.

Our product ranges for power generation

Current Short-Circuiter
Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Current Short-Circuiter

  • Circuit separation, short-circuit and connection to earth
  • Protective cover, locking and sealing devices
  • 2 auxiliary contacts to indicate the position
  • Ith = 16A
Miniature circuit breaker
Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Miniature circuit breaker

  • Magnetic-Thermic micro circuit breakers for equipment protection
  • Flush-mounted, pluggable and DIN rail mounting
  • Many variants and options adapted to the environment
  • Possibility of special configurations
  • AC or DC applications up to 50A