Process control for industry

Process control for industry

40 years in the service of process control

Present for more than 40 years in the control rooms and electrical cabinets of heavy industries (steelworks, petrochemicals, etc.), our control switches, TPL switches, edge switches, push buttons, indicator lights and signalling boxes ensure the management and control of manufacturing processes.

Our products are used in electrical distribution stations to supply the electrical network of factories. In particular, they provide control and signalling for circuit breakers, earthing switches, current short-circuiters and supervision functions with our indicator and alarm box solutions.

Our reliable and sustainable solutions

Our wide range of products allows us to reliably perform various control and signalling functions. Our products are known for their robustness and durability, which ensures the longevity of the installations. To ensure electromechanical support for safety functions, our products are used in the most modern digital installations (digital control).

The key figure :

Dozens of industrial sites, on all continents, are equipped with our products

Our product ranges for process control

Current Short-Circuiter
Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Current Short-Circuiter

  • Circuit separation, short-circuit and connection to earth
  • Protective cover, locking and sealing devices
  • 2 auxiliary contacts to indicate the position
  • Ith = 16A