Protection of equipment

Protection of equipment

50 years in the service of the protection of electrical equipment of rolling stock

Whether they are installed in the driver’s cab or in the distribution bays, our circuit breakers ensure the protection and continuity of service of all the systems that are important for the safety of the train (wiring: insulation fault, accidental grounding, overheating, etc., equipment: protection relay fault, battery charge fault, braking system fault, etc.)

Our wide range of products and options also guarantees passenger comfort by ensuring the protection of associated equipment (lighting, air conditioning, doors, ventilation, etc.).

Compliance and enforcement of railway requirements

The different environments of the rolling stock require specific requirements which STOPCIRCUIT products meet:

  •   Compliance with French and international railway standards: NF F 62-001 and IEC 60077
  • Compliance with French and international fire and smoke standards: IEC 45545-2 and NF F 16101-16102
  • Compliance with mechanical impact resistance standards: IEC 61373
  • Compliance with environmental standards: IEC 60068
  • Compliance with general circuit breaker standards: IEC 60947-2 and IEC 60898

The major railway manufacturers trust us and hundreds of trains, metros and trams are equipped with our circuit breakers.

Our product ranges for equipment protection

Miniature circuit breaker
Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Miniature circuit breaker

  • Magnetic-Thermic micro circuit breakers for equipment protection
  • Flush-mounted, pluggable and DIN rail mounting
  • Many variants and options adapted to the environment
  • Possibility of special configurations
  • AC or DC applications up to 50A